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The information contained within this website is provided as is. While we make every effort to diligently provide the most accurate and honest information possible, we can make not guarantee that all content is current, accurate, complete, or reliable and will be used and consumed at the users own risk. We disclaim all warranties which may relate to this website or the information contained within (implied or expressed) and will not be responsible or liable for any damages that may be incurred as a result of the use of our website or reliance on the information contained within it. Custom Wrought Iron Gates reserves the right to update content on this Website without notice and may terminate access to all or any part of the Website without notice.


How We Store and Use Customer Data

Basic customer information, such as order history, shipping information and email addresses are stored securely on our website.  We do not store credit card information anywhere within our website or database.  All customer information is encrypted through web standard methods.  We will not sell or rent your information to any third party companies.  Our only usage of your data is to ensure proper shipping, customer service and promotional uses that our customers can easily opt out of.


Usage and Credits

We reserve the rights to the unique content that is written throughout this website. We do not permit the usage of this content for professional uses without express permission.


Third Party Links

We provide a number of outside and third party links throughout the website as a convenience and resources to our customers. Please be aware that all third party links lead to websites that we do not control and take no responsibility for the information or content contained within these links. We can not control, review, support, endorse or guarantee the content or service from any third party website.


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